Him V Her


A poet for a mathematician
Rhymes and logarithms
He wrote a prose,
She calculated an equation
We had our own admirations
Concentrations, integrals and differences,
Inequalities in both worlds
Matrixes and expressions

He wrote their story
She integrated it from first principles,
We had our own admirations
Love at first sight, angel beta
Escalating emotions, 1-100 real quick
Series in both worlds,
We vary; but carry on

She was with him, he was with her.
The unknowns to us; x and y
He wrote a ballad,
She summed it up with a sequence
We had our admirations
To love and to be cherished
Calculated and well presented
The X = Y plotted!
A poet’s mathematical love! ✌

Still; Eric Zachary Mugisha


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tenebrous1 says:

    As a poet and ex Physics major, I applaud this one!

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