Emotionally untitled

Love is love
So Easy to write about
So easy to find, easy to lose too!
Always in slow motion
Like  we paused time; to kiss, to cuddle, to feel peaceful and belonging


Love is  Godly
Heaven is Godly too
Falling in and out of love is knocking on heavens’ doors
The heart breaks, melt downs!
Losing faith in a drawn pulse
A slave to emotional words and actions

Love, I feel used to this emotional uncertainty,
No gold in my chest but a ring and a paper to tell it all

When I’m gone;
Tell my future son’s sons to write about love,
And my daughters to always believe in love
Let love be a dream to us,
Love is but a dream to me
A dream , filled with angels holding on to roses

Still; Eric Zachary Mugisha ©

All my craft here shouldn’t be copied or reproduced without my consent, Enjoy the read :)!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. whatsyourstory says:

    I love this piece.

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