Lilly in the storm 🌻


A night filled with storms and thunder, She weathered them all

In her sweet silence, showers in her flower bed by the lawns

The winds got her dancing to the Waves of change, like a choir of birds whistling!

The rains pounding the ground for an earth beat, musical!

We thought she might break or get eroded or get carried away,

Her smiles, still captivating but filled with pity

Pity on us for being too weak when she needed a shelter from the storms

I saw her suffocate in her pains, Petals falling one by one!

All the little Lilly hoped for…
Sunny days and smiles!

A life in the sunny days 👣☀

Hey,  you inspired this 🙂
Good night little friend!


Still; Eric Zachary Mugisha ©

Enjoy the read :)!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  2. pixieannie says:

    There is much being said in this fragrantly beautiful piece.

    1. eric_of_1691 says:

      😊 Thanks Pixieannie 😊😊

  3. chevvy8 says:

    Ooh! I like this beautiful writing.Thanks for your visit too. Chevvy

  4. Patrice says:

    Thanks for the ‘Follow’! 😀 Your writing is so picturesque – Love it!

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