The Empty Bottle

Rolling back and forth ,
Neatly rested on a matatu dashboard on a sunny Sunday afternoon


The winds blowing by gave me a whistle, no rhythm at all!

Three flies flew by my opening!
I guess they are here for the little soda left in me!

A soul at a time! I quench them as I ready myself for the next cycle

Usage has me ready for my next life
Recycling as a proper means of disposal!

The matatu driver just made a sudden stop! Picked me up and
Threw me out by the window

With bits of mud and dew, I lay by the road side!
This can’t be life!

I doubt recycling is still in reach for me, no next life! Death of a dream.

Rainy nights, blazing hot days
A few kicks from school boys have me dirty and unrecognizable

My plastic but somewhat natural life comes to an end!

Happy new month everyone here. This month, I celebrate my Father who will be growing Older and wiser on 24th👌

All Copyrights reserved:
Eric Zachary Mugisha ©
eric_of_1691 ©

Enjoy the read


8 Comments Add yours

  1. pixieannie says:

    A simple everyday object, made beautiful by your words.

    1. eric_of_1691 says:

      Thanks for the lovely comments 😊😊😊

  2. chevvy8 says:

    Great Stuff Eric! Cheers. Chevvy

  3. ricosrey says:

    I fell in love on how you incorporate your native langguage, your very own culture

  4. alslaff says:

    Stopping by to thank you for your recent follow on Shift Key and peruse your very busy site. Much to read – all good. (I suppose… better the bottle out the window rather than the matatu driver!) Thanks.

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