Feb-luv-ry 2

There she was… next to me.
The warmth in her smile boiled  my inside faster than a rabbit could fuck! I couldn’t resist but smile back….

My Gisha, I missed you!” – She Said

Silence roomed the Beach.
My left arm around her waist, her head rested on my shoulder as we talked about past eleven months, the ups and downs, the June to October silence, the distance, the future…us, as the waves of Nalubale swept the entire Anderita beach.

“I love you Joy ”
Such memories!  


Feb-luv-ry 2

In the cold January night,
A deep conversation on a breeze.
Smiles, giggles, laughter, reminiscing .
Sandy castles full of love

“I miss you every morning,
I’m always with you every night in my dreams”

My silent fighter; for love, pride and glory.
You made my dreams your goals
Your fights are my battles
Side by side, we tangle allover this dust!

You make life, love nothing but a  dream, keep laying next to me


All Copyrights reserved:
Eric Zachary Mugisha ©
eric_of_1691 ©

Enjoy the read


3 Comments Add yours

  1. gspottedpen says:

    Real life moments are made into a quintessence, an euphoria of passionate tender romanticism. Anand Bose from Kerala.

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