Yellow sunshine when she’s home, Its not warm when she’s away The mornings filled me up with dew Drawing my faith towards the raising sun. For her beauty rays through my fresh, my soul! Her energy lifts me out of bed, fits smiles onto my face; like a Teletubby! My yellow sunshine!

My Poetry

My poetry is love Without reason to rhyme But with emotion, never caring for stanzas My poetry is me What I see and what I fiction it to be My thoughts and pictures I steal of the internet My poetry is a celebration The idea to believe, feel and relate To a planet so dusty,…

Eye shadow and strain (Fiction)

Originally posted on a L'engle fan page:
She leaned back and dragged a little too hard on the cigarette. Her neck muscles strained but she did not cough. She smiled at me. A little rue filled gesture. “Learnt this from hookah. Never cough. it shows your newness to the whole smoking venture” “Why is…

CarCrashed: Finale- Animal Unleashed (#NSFW)

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“You know what, I am not yet over.” His words echoed in her mind All her nerves felt the tingling How grave she desired to touch him! Once more she whispered A smile stretched on his face His eyes lit by her crave He opened his door and stepped…