Eye shadow and strain (Fiction)

Day made

a L'engle fan page

She leaned back and dragged a little too hard on the cigarette. Her neck muscles strained but she did not cough. She smiled at me. A little rue filled gesture. “Learnt this from hookah. Never cough. it shows your newness to the whole smoking venture”

“Why is that an issue?” I asked

She shrugged. “I just don’t like to show vulnerability.” she turned to me, staring at me hard. “do you like to show your vulnerability? coz you need to hide it. if you dont, they will use it against you.” she said. Her eyes had become hard and brittle and I felt like I was looking at a concrete wall that has the telltale signs of a fire.

“Let’s get back to the interview ma’am. If you dont mind, I’d like this article to be finished by tomorrow” I said. Clearly discomfited by her relentless glare. I felt like…

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