Love the pineapple, it changes how you taste.

Manufactured by Kikalamu

I do not mean eating the pineapple changes how you taste to cannibals but it changes how the Vagina City tastes and smells. Which man does not like a wet, good smelling, slippery vagina? Men who love eating the vagina know that a smelly vagina is a complete turnoff. But the men should not also forget that a vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina! No vagina smells like sweets. Every vagina has its own smell depending on the prevailing circumstances, some smell like fresh fish, sea water, fresh baked bread, and others like malt beer. Never to forget that all the smells are determined by your hygiene, what you eat, how much you sweat and your bowl habits.

Back to the pineapple. The effect depends on how often you add fruit to your diet. In short, eating fruit induces body secretions to taste better. And it so happens…

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