Book Preview 

​In the Niger Delta creeks of Southern Nigeria, nine expatriates are being held hostage by militants fighting for control over the resources from their land. At the same time, a series of seemingly unconnected events rock the country. Alex Randa, a celebrated agent of the Department of State Services , with a compelling record of…

Her and I at the beach 

​I painted the skies with fumes of our love  Covered the sea with our dreams  Sat up a skyscraper to watch our love kiss our dreams…. Beauty,  wonder,  magic and tears! I stopped writing to watch us set into life. Joy-fully Lean back, enjoy the view!  Let your love shape its head on my chest….

larger than life 

I stare at the skies in anger  The most beautiful feeling has me in blander  Where did we go wrong? I wonder.  My spirit is suffocated, under! Split videos of my love life, renders!  A victim of unlived moments. Your memory still lives, larger than Life.  Mafeene love, large upon yourself! 


Echoed down to my spine Words of hate? Words of the broken? Words of decite!  Over twenty calls from family in search of answers  Answers to unheard questions! I wasn’t blind, my head was clear  Hipocricy and her words! Don’t buy loyalty, the price flactuates  Build lasting relationships that stand the cold weather and dance…

The Forgotten Victims.

Originally posted on nahaabwe:
Alright so more than 25 people thought I should say something about this, and I really respect that so here we go. You have probably got word about how Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats was allegedly beaten up and run over by his fiancée. You have also probably seen the pictures…


How come you shook my hand but held my Heart? October birthed happiness in your smile. 

Love the pineapple, it changes how you taste.

Originally posted on Manufactured by Kikalamu:
I do not mean eating the pineapple changes how you taste to cannibals but it changes how the Vagina City tastes and smells. Which man does not like a wet, good smelling, slippery vagina? Men who love eating the vagina know that a smelly vagina is a complete turnoff.…

Spheres of her Face

In the moonlit distance, My eyes gaze at a beauty far; beneath A rash, my skin grows; blows I mean to live in such moments; time Every heartbeat, inch to inch The sun raises in the east, and thru my veins The heart beats for my soul’s wants The sun sets me free from my…